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Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen

Dr. Christa Bell

Born in 1963 in Offenbach, Germany
1983 Baccalaureate
1984 - 1989 Study of dentistry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt
1989 PhD and licensure
1990 Joined Zahnärzten Wiesbaden

Focus: General. Dentistry, Dental care and education at Wiesbaden kindergartens

Training in the areas of: ceramic, endodontics, prophylaxis, parondontosis, children’s dental treatments, emergencies, hypnosis, radiation protection, personnel administration and laboratory.

Dr. Bell serves the childcare centres Jaegerhof in Biebrich and the Clemens House on Mosbacher Street in Wiesbaden. The children learn early on the importance of dental care and proper brushing techniques. Educating a healthy diet and its role in dental care is also an integral part of the program. The biggest highlight of the program is when the children visit the practice to see, ask questions and learn about dental instruments and equipment. The children find this visit particularly friendly and anxiety-free, since they are with their trusted group of friends and caregivers.