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Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen

Matthias Körner, Dentist

Born in 1961
DGZMK, DGZI, DGP, DGÄZ, Laser sub-section DGZOI

Practice areas:

  • Implantology: Dentures with artificial roots (using 3D location planning) with additional consideration for bone building and regenerative process.
  • Aesthetic treatment concepts: modern methods using all-ceramic restorations, veneers, plastics (composites) or ceramic fillings. Elaborate aesthetic and reconstructive tools and products provided through close cooperation with our dental laboratory.
  • Function diagnosis and therapy: Computer-aided detection of diseases and dysfunctions of the jaw. Treatments using occlusal and positioning splints, as well as reconstructive therapy.
  • Periodontology: periodontal treatments of modern standards. Therapies include: dental biofilm management with professional cleaning (PTC) and full mouth disinfection treatment, regenerative techniques and medical laser treatments.
  • Outpatient surgery: wisdom tooth extractions, oral, bone and gum surgeries
  • Everything from one source: from the initial findings, X-ray diagnostics and jaw-model analysis, target positioning, therapeutic assignments until the final reconstructed and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth.