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Our Services

To promote healthy and strong teeth, we use proven, traditional treatment methods as well as the latest technology, such as laser treatments and computerized diagnostics. We are foremost committed to providing the highest quality care, not just a luxury experience. The crucial question we constantly ask ourselves: what is the best for our patient? It is also important for us to provide service for the entire family, by adapting our treatment to the needs of children, adults and seniors.

Children’s dental care begins during pregnancy. We advise mothers on topics such as: breastfeeding, pacifiers, thumb sucking and nutrition. When a child is three years of age, we conduct our first check-up. Treatments are child appropriate and include a playful approach, child-friendly explanations (pre- and post treatment) and special filling materials. We want children to enjoy their dental visits and willingly come back.

Our dentists are trained in psychology to deal with various patient needs. This applies to children, as well as adults. We take the time for you and advise you as an individual.

Treatment range:

  • Professional cleaning with a comprehensive concept
  • Systematic periodontal
  • Aesthetic dentures with aesthetic pre-planning
  • Minimally invasive porcelain veneers
  • All-ceramic crowns
  • Modern root canal treatment including electronic measuring methods, mechanical expansion and cleaning of the root canal system
  • Computer-aided jaw diagnostics (TMJ)
  • Laser treatments / Photodynamic Therapy / HELBO
  • Implants and aesthetic pre-planning
  • Treatment with general anaesthesia
  • Children's dental care
  • Teeth whitening / bleaching


Good quality can be affordable, even when your insurance does not cover the costs. We offer our patients payment plan options arranged by our billing centre.


Informational video on tooth whitening / bleaching: