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Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen
Herzlich Willkommen


Our extensive team offers you dentists and oral specialists for every need. With continued education and training of our staff, we ensure consistent, high quality in all areas. We focus on our patients and provide them a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The unique combination of competence, professionalism and client comfort set the foundation for trust. Our dentists are trained in psychology to assist and respond to a patient’s individual needs with competence and empathy, especially with children and anxious patients.

We look forward to meeting you.

Our Mission Statement

"In order to build trust with our patients, the personal and professional behaviour of our staff should meet the highest standards. At the centre of our professional care is the patient. Each and every task of our practice focuses on optimal care, treatment and support of our patients. Patients are treated with great care, and according to the latest medical advancements. Continual education and training of our staff is essential, as it ensures that our practice offers the highest level of competence. Constant exchange of professional experiences with colleagues, within and outside the practice, is also an integral part of our daily work. The development of our practice is done primarily through close internal cooperation, as well as supplemental external networks of qualified suppliers, experts, consultants, scientists and researchers.

Precisely for these reasons, we have developed a model for the practice together with the business consulting Rosenberger and Partners (London) and in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden and the University of Applied Sciences in Amberg (Bavaria) for the benefit of our patients, our team and the good of society."



Dr. Christa Bell


Born in 1963 in Offenbach, Germany
1983 Baccalaureate
1984 - 1989 Study of dentistry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt
1989 PhD and licensure
1990 Joined Zahnärzten Wiesbaden

Focus: General. Dentistry, Dental care and education at Wiesbaden kindergartens

Training in the areas of: ceramic, endodontics, prophylaxis, parondontosis, children’s dental treatments, emergencies, hypnosis, radiation protection, personnel administration and laboratory.

Dr. Bell serves the childcare centres Jaegerhof in Biebrich and the Clemens House on Mosbacher Street in Wiesbaden. The children learn early on the importance of dental care and proper brushing techniques. Educating a healthy diet and its role in dental care is also an integral part of the program. The biggest highlight of the program is when the children visit the practice to see, ask questions and learn about dental instruments and equipment. The children find this visit particularly friendly and anxiety-free, since they are with their trusted group of friends and caregivers.

Dr. Torsten Richter


  • Born in 1967
  • 1995 Joined Zahnärzten Wiesbaden
  • Special emphasis and skills::
    • Endodontics
    • Root canal treatments with the newest, international techniques and methods
    • Periodontal treatment, with optional laser and photodynamic therapy
    • Additional qualifications in aesthetic dentistry
    • Training in hypnosis
    • Laser treatments
    • International professional training
  • Dentists for Africa: Volunteer dentist
  • Hobby: Cooking

Dr. Tino Apel


  • Born in 1973
  • Studied dentistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz
  • Doctorate: Investigation of considering factors of flow behaviours of press ceramics in dentistry
  • Member DGZMK



  • General dentistry
  • Aesthetic tooth-coloured composite fillings
  • Metal-free, ceramic restorations (crowns, bridges)
  • Root canal treatments with endometry
  • Anti-infective photodynamic therapy in periodontal and root canal treatments (antibiotic-free treatment)
  • Home visits

Matthias Körner, Dentist


Born in 1961
DGZMK, DGZI, DGP, DGÄZ, Laser sub-section DGZOI

Practice areas:

  • Implantology: Dentures with artificial roots (using 3D location planning) with additional consideration for bone building and regenerative process.
  • Aesthetic treatment concepts: modern methods using all-ceramic restorations, veneers, plastics (composites) or ceramic fillings. Elaborate aesthetic and reconstructive tools and products provided through close cooperation with our dental laboratory.
  • Function diagnosis and therapy: Computer-aided detection of diseases and dysfunctions of the jaw. Treatments using occlusal and positioning splints, as well as reconstructive therapy.
  • Periodontology: periodontal treatments of modern standards. Therapies include: dental biofilm management with professional cleaning (PTC) and full mouth disinfection treatment, regenerative techniques and medical laser treatments.
  • Outpatient surgery: wisdom tooth extractions, oral, bone and gum surgeries
  • Everything from one source: from the initial findings, X-ray diagnostics and jaw-model analysis, target positioning, therapeutic assignments until the final reconstructed and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth.